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The Lipstick Artist created a custom lipstick painting for L'Oreal Paris using all L'Oreal Paris makeup. The artwork was featured at a L’Oreal Paris event in conjunction with Fall Paris Fashion Week 2016.

"Can't You Put on a Little Lipstick?" Collection

I created the series, "Can't You Put on a Little Lipstick?"
from an enormous collection of giveaway lipsticks I amassed
over a number of years.

But that's not the whole story...since I was of dating age,
my grandmother has always gently urged, "Can't you put on
a little lipstick?" This repeated suggestion, combined with
my lipstick collection, started me thinking about how wearing lipstick contributes to our concepts of beauty. That's what
led me to put on a little lipstick, on watercolor paper, to see how it might be perceived.

         eiffel tower Bill Murray Can't you put on a little lipstick? Looking Beautiful Holiday bloom      Cherries Pomegranates Strawberries      hotpepper onions pepper merlot lobster eiffel tower zakim bridge twolips twolips tulips                     koi koi      Fish lips